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Even when we know exactly which issue we want to tap away, it can be difficult to find the right words.

First, know that the words that come to you ARE the right words, because they are YOURS. They apply to your own situation. However, it can be useful to have a guide. That's the intention behind these tapping scripts. They give you a guidance to CREATE YOU OWN script, whether you resolve the issue immediately or you need to work at it on a longer time frame. Do change the words you feel don't apply to you, and add whatever is missing for you. Enjoy your tapping.

NL-TS1iconWhen it's celebration time and a loved one has left this life in the previous year, it is difficult to fully enjoy the moment as everybody else seems to be. Whether it's a family reunion, a wedding, or seasonal celebrations or any other, the feeling of absence is getting right into our hearts. And it can last years in some cases.

Anger for the injustice of a premature death, powerlessness, sadness... These feelings battle for dominance and can cause a sense of being overwhelmed.

This is not about forgetting grief forever, but simply finding a little peace, to better share these moments. Whatever your beliefs are about death.

On the other hand it you are really experiencing an overly big (need rewording!!!) grief that is “too painful”, or lasts for “too long”, working directly with a practitioner might be a good idea. Lucy's story is a good example. (Link to her story)

Pending this, may peace be on you...



In some cases, this person's death could have left an open conflict to be faced. You now have a choice : you can maintain the conflict, or open the door to more peace for yourself, This is not an easy choice, but it remains a choice.

Beware, emotions could come up with this script. Remember you are taking full responsibility for your well-being. For some people, this topic is too difficult to deal with it on your own, seek help. For others on the contrary, this script is an opportunity to release a little bit (or more) sadness and to access to more serenity. It is up to YOU to assess your situation.

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NL-TS1iconThe gratitude notebook, gratitude tapping... You might have come across these on this website or somewhere else. Gratitude doesn't always come naturally, when life is complicated, painful, full of problems...

Maybe you'd like to explore the benefits of gratitude, but you don't know where to begin? Here is a tapping script to get you going.

With all my gratitude, receive my thanks for accepting this humble present!

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NL-TS1iconSometimes, life presents us with difficult challenges. Sports competition, school exam, recruitment interview, art performance.... More often than not, at some stage, doubt shows up : what if I couldn't do it? Doubt creates stress, and stress gets us to go to pieces. Would it be a good idea then to take a few minutes, every time you are preparing for that challenge, to explore... and clear away these doubts? What if you granted to yourself the possibility to make all your skills available to you, with a convenient timing?

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NL-TS1iconDid you know you were an expert? Well, here are the good news: you are! The maybe-not-so-good news: I'm not sure this is the expertise that serves you best. We usually don't realise when a habit is settling in. But when we become aware of it we can reverse this and choose a new one. Tapping is a good recipe for that of course. But there are others too.

As most of the scripts you'll find here, this one was inspired by working with someone. I left in it a part of relaxation / visualisation that might require a little bit of practice from you to get used to it. A new expertise area for you?

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NL-TS1iconSpeaking about one's problems, isn't it moaning or complaining? And professional moaners really don't help you to feel good! So speaking about your issues, "moaning", "complaining", doesn't feel very attractive to you... Plus they say we should be positive. Really, how could moaning or complaining help!?!? The problem is, if you don't look at a problem, possiblity voice it out, how do you intend to move beyond it? This script can help you to look at it in a slightly different way. What problem would you like to solve... without moaning!?

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NL-TS1iconWe all have bad habits. And sometimes when we identify them, we feel a little bit (or very!) guilty. PArticularly when we see how they affect our life negatively. It could be related to clutter, to being late constantly, to procrastinate on our tax return, to sabotage  our relationship with others, and so many other habits, in many different areas. And add guilt to this doesn't really help, does it? But how can we not feel guilty when we're doing it again and again, even when we realise we are on the wrong track? What about taking the problem the other way round? By clearing guilt and recycling our energy to create a solution, a new, positive version of that habit? This script can inspire you to identify a new, fulfilling habit. I would suggest to use it consistently for 21 days (I prefer 28, but 21 is the standard) on the very same habit. As usual, please adapt this to YOUR habit.

PS: Some people don't feel guilt, but frustration, anger at themselves etc... Use the same approach.

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When we've had the same old problem for days, months, years, decades maybe, and when this problem "disappears magically", after one of two rounds, or even after a few EFT sessions or a combination of several protocols you might have been using to deal with that old habit of a problem, it might feel a bit unreal.  It was the case for Emma and many others. If this ever happens when you are working on your own, this script could help you to anchor the relief you already felt, in case it would be sighlty difficult to accept it, as surprising as this might be! In any case, keep tapping!

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NL-TS1iconWhen we look back on our lives, some of us get the feeling that we missed something. What does “living” really means? Each of us have our own definition. Obviously, this script will no change your life overnight, but is you use it for inspiration in daily tapping, it could help you to see in your life positive aspects and opportunities for self development or more, that you might not have seen before.

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NL-TS1iconWhen you're in the emergency of an insect bite or sting, we all have our recipes. From the pharmacy/Chemist to the onion or vinegar, whatever works for you is the right thing. But sometimes we have nothing at hand. Except of course we ALWAYS have our fingers at hand (excuse the pun!) so we can ALWAYS tap away the pain and discomfort. You can use EFT as your sole treatment, in support of another treatment, or pending a medical procedure. Please call to your medical specialist for any medical issue.

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NL-TS1iconAre you a worried parent, even if your child is an adult, or maybe a teenager, or are you worried for your spouse or significant other? You'd like them to use EFT, but they just won't . And that does not make you happy! You could feel frustrated, sad, even angry... this tapping sheet is for you!

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NL-TS1iconWhen we start with EFT, il can be difficult to know where to begin. This can be particularly intimidating, maybe frightening, if you “ bumped along by chance” on EFT, because you'd tried everything else in the conventional world., without success. Even, or maybe particularly if, you are facing a serious disease for you or a loved one. This script could help you to begin with.

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NL-TS1iconThis tapping protocol is directly inspired from a case study. You can read it here.

This script is focussing on the HABIT of feeling guilty, more than on a specific guilt.
Does that ring a bell? Maybe it's time to tap!

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